This watch started as a Halloween-ish
orange-black monstrosity.People would
stare at my wrist, but not in a good way :)
So i combined the best of two Seikos i
already owned and sold the unused
parts, for parts. Did another mod with
the 007 case...The watch has been
bead-blasted, has a genuine Seiko 007
dial installed, hands from dragonshroud,
blue ar sapphire from Crystaltimes,
Jay at Motor City Watch Works
cerakoted the black bezel and lumed the
whole thing, and there's a second silver
bezel you can swap out too, pictures
with both. Watch is on a 2 piece nylon strap,
will look good on almost any 20 mm strap or bracelet. i love this watch, and i put a lot
into it, but i always reach for something
smaller. oh, i forgot one thing, new Kanji
date wheel has been installed.

Oy, i forgot one other thing, on the black
bezel, to 10 minute lume indice has fallen
out, i never even notice this, but it's something
that happens with full lume bezels, and it
happened here. it is the only flaw that i can
think to point out...

Recently the original movement crapped
out, so i had a new one installed. It hand winds,
it hacks, it runs like a top, i can't imagine
the next buyer having to do anything to it for practically ever....Bezel is bi-directional with
nice friction, it holds it's place quite
well and is very easy to use in everyday life.
The last photo is by Duarte Mendonca,
he did nice work on this watch and tested
waterproofness of it, too, albeit one year ago.

Watch and 2 bezels go anywhere in the U.S.
or Canada for $275 net to me, elsewhere
we'd have to include postage. check the price of one bezel alone. and, this watch has a brand new movement....

Thanks for looking, and thanks to W.U.S.