Hey all,

Before I realize this is a mistake, I'm gonna test the waters. I just acquired this from a Grey Market dealer. The warranty card is signed and dated but no dealer info. I believe the Grey Market bought out an AD at some point. Any who, this this is a beautiful piece. I'm just looking for a different German. Timekeeping is excellent. No issues. This thing looks good on anything, and I will be including an additional 7 straps. Some canvas and Leather from DrunkArt and Red Rock Canvas. 43mm , 23mm lugs. Full kit, Boxes and Paperwork. Straps value alone are in the two hundred's. Tutima Deployment is off another watch I own.. This will not be included..

Here is a list of the straps-

Drunk Art Green Canvas

Red Rock Grey Waxed Canvas

Drunkart Ox blood Leather

Drunkart Grey Leather

Strapcode NATO Stone Grey and Black (2) 1 each

Barton Navy Blue Leather

Barton Silicone Elite Black

Plus the OEM.

Looking for Dive or field watches...40mm to 44mm... Looking to trade even or down..
Asking $1375( TRADED)shipped CONUS.

Please let me know what you have..

Always buy the seller..Tons of feedback here.

Thanks for your time and consideration.



Pics of Some of the Straps, not all -


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