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Up for sale I’m presenting you this nice Jaeger LeCoultre timepiece specially to enrich your great collection:

Movement : • self-winding mechanical movement, the Calibre Jaeger- LeCoultre 753, made, assembled and decorated by hand
• 28,800 vibrations an hour
• 65-hour power reserve
• 366 parts
• 39 jewels
• 7.57 mm high
Functions : • front: hours, minutes, small seconds, large date (linked to the first timezone), day/night indicator, chronograph
• back: universal time (Worldtime)
Dial : • front: black, guilloché centre, (specific) transferred figures
• back: black, with the transferred names of the cities representing the 24 timezones in the centre
Hands : • front: steel, with superluminova
• back: steel, with a matt part to differentiate day/night
Crown : • 1 crown to rewind the watch, and to reset the hours, minutes, large date and universal time (Worldtime) indicator
• 2 push-buttons for the chronograph
Case : • reversible, Squadra Large size in titanium
• comprising more than 50 parts, sapphire crystal, hardness N°9
• water resistance: 50 metres
Straps : • alligator leather with folding buckle in titanium
• new rubber strap with hinged links


MODEL No. 231.T.50
SERIAL No. 2569295


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From the experts:
The Reverso Squadra is equipped with new-generation Jaeger-LeCoultre movements, which have been created to perform to the highest standards of precision and efficiency thanks to their extraordinary technical sophistication. To this end, the rotor at the heart of the movement is mounted on ceramic rather than stainless-steel balls, with the result that the system requires neither maintenance nor lubrication. Another distinguishing feature is that the precision setting is carried out by means of four screws located along the exterior part of the balance-selloe, thereby rendering the index superfluous, and the two ends of the balance-spring are laser-welded to the piston and the collet. These technical advances have been made possible by the Manufacture’s unique and well-known commitment to carrying out the production of every single component of its watches under its own roof. Elegant and sturdy, refined and efficient, the Reverso Squadra is available in three different designs, so that no sporting feat will pass unrecorded: for the Reverso Squadra Hometime and the Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT there is a choice of steel or 18-carat rose gold, while a limited edition of the Reverso Squadra Chronograph Worldtime comes in titanium.

As the Reverso’s revolutionary reversible case was being patented in the 1930s, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s engineers were simultaneously at work on two Reverso-related designs which were differentiated principally by their contrasting case shapes. The first was rectangular and went on to leave an indelible mark on the history of 20th-century watchmaking. The second design, by contrast, which was square, remained a secret: it was felt that the time was not yet ripe to introduce a timepiece of such uncompromisingly modern proportions. Three-quarters of a century later, however, that time has come and Jaeger-LeCoultre is ready to unveil the square Reverso. Every bit as authentic a Reverso as its celebrated rectangular brother, the Squadra gives a thoroughly masculine expression to all of the classic characteristics of the legendary reversible watch. The Reverso Squadra is the ideal horological companion for the modern man, ready and able to adapt to circumstances, and a perfect companion whether its owner is occupied with sporting activities or business trips abroad. The simple truth of its heredity is written all over its face, which bears the classic beading that is the hallmark of the Reverso’s long lineage. The Manufacture’s master-watchmakers have endowed the Squadra with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new-generation mechanical movements and have found ingenious technical solutions to adapt them to the square shape of the case. In every respect the beauty of the watch’s form serves the mechanism’s improved functionality. Consideration of the user’s pleasure has determined every aspect of the watch’s design, right down to the last detail, with the result that content and container, so to speak, are in perfect harmony. As a single look at the watches will tell you, the designers have taken great pleasure in producing a series of incomparable variations on the theme of a perfectly proportioned square face.

Besides their reversible cases, the ultimate proof of their heredity, and their youthful designs, which are at one and the same time daring and disciplined, all three versions have another feature in common – a second timezone of exemplary legibility, a function that today’s world has made quite simply indispensable.
Legibility and impact are the watchwords of the Reverso Squadra Hometime. From the very first glance, this is a watch that makes its seductive presence felt, with its silvered guilloché dial and contrasting black figures. The force of its personality means there’s no hesitation: the luminescent hours and minutes are inscribed with absolute clarity on the principal dial.

The date, tied to the first timezone, appears in negative – white figures on a black background – in a rectangular window at three o’clock. In perfect symmetry, at nine o’clock, the AM/PM indicator of the reference timezone showcases a new, streamlined design, also on a dark background. At six o’clock, a subsidiary square-shaped dial carries the seconds. The clever use of symmetrical forms and contrasting colours means that all the information can be taken in with a single look – essential when you need to make rapid decisions. In addition, through the watch’s sapphire-crystal case-back, the wearer is treated to the fascinating spectacle of the uniquely decorated Calibre Jaeger-LeCoultre 977 in action.

This sturdy, self-winding mechanical movement is a masterpiece of exceptional reliability, thanks in large part to certain technical features, such as a screw-secured stud-holder which protects the setting of the zero point, a balance cock attached to the deck on both sides to ensure greater stability, and two restraining nets to prevent any distortion of the spiral-spring in the event of violent impacts. Just like the man of today, the Reverso Squadra Hometime has several identities corresponding to the different aspects of its varied life, whether it finds itself in use in the office or on the playing field. But whatever it is doing, the force of its personality means that the Reverso Squadra Hometime is always recognisably itself.

Apart from a second timezone, the self-winding mechanical movement of the Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT also boasts a chronograph, unquestionably the most useful of all sports functions.

On the watch’s guilloché dial, glow-in-the-dark luminescent hours and minutes and a large high-contrast date in white on a black background provide heightened legibility. Three square apertures punctuate its face at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The first, at 3 o’clock, displays the chronograph’s minutes, while the hours appear in the facing window at 9 o’clock. At 6 o’clock, the second, 24-hour timezone is displayed: this can be adjusted with the help of the crown. On either side of the latter are positioned the chronograph’s push-button controls, whose stylised shape underlines the case’s solid elegance. Successfully marrying style and function, the Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT is a perfect expression of the Jaeger-LeCoultre spirit.

The legendary reversible watch’s case-back has been rendered transparent in order to reveal the workings of its hand-assembled and decorated self-winding mechanical movement, the Calibre Jaeger-LeCoultre 754. Equipped with a reassuringly generous 72-hour power reserve, the Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT is available in steel or 18-carat pink gold, and will indicate with tireless precision whatever time you choose, day in day out for decades to come.
The most remarkable of the Reverso Squadras so far, the World Chronograph combines chronographic functions on its front face with a universal time – or Worldtime – display on its back. That it also boasts a reversible case in titanium – a material that is tremendously difficult to cut and finish – is quite a feat too: indeed, it’s a first for a Reverso. The high-contrast face is embellished with white figures and subsidiary dials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, respectively for the chronograph, the small seconds and the 24-hour indicator. The large light-on-dark date display occupies a further aperture at 12 o’clock. But it is only when its owner flips the legendary reversible case over that the Reverso Squadra World Chronograph really reveals its originality: for here the self-winding mechanical movement indicates Worldtime. A disc bearing the name of a major city in each of the world’s timezones turns inside a 24-hour collar which means that, at a glance, the wearer can find the current time in any given part of the globe. A transparent disc placed over the cities’ names serves as a day/night indicator.

The audacious construction of the movement allows for the centralisation of energy and its transmission to the watch’s second face. Wrought with audacity and dedicated to the world of accomplishments and feats, the Reverso Squadra World Chronograph is available in a limited edition of 1,500, with a choice of straps: either a new metallic design fitted with an exclusive clasp, or in alligator leather with a folding buckle. Perfectly embodying the values of the Manufacture and the qualities that are essential to the kinds of timepiece one never parts company with, the Reverso Squadra represents the watch of the future.

These three models all have very distinctive masculine characters, restrained but assertive styles and functions that are indispensable in the modern world. All are fitted with a self-winding mechanical Jaeger-LeCoultre mechanical movement of incomparable reliability and toughness, ready to face every peril – no doubt the intense lifestyles of their future owners will test them severely! In truth, the Reverso Squadra likes nothing better – it has been created to enjoy a challenge. Its qualities have shaped its character: powerful and elegant, its square proportions bespeak timeless simplicity and indefatigable passion.
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