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The first company of our kind we are specialists in custom tool-watches. In 2002 Mk
II began as a small business selling watch pans and offering customization services
far other maker's watches. such as the venerable Seiko Diver. Since those early days
Mk II has developed into an American watch company specializing in custom and
Swiss Made watches sold exclusively under the Mk II brand.

“Mk Il/Mk 2/Mark 2" is widely used by military organizations to designate the second
generation or iteration of a tool or piece of equipment. We selected the designation
“Mk II” as our trademark to represent our dedication to utilitarianism, reliability. and
timeless styling. Furthermore. the name Mk II encapsulates our innovative endeavor to
build an inclusive luxury brand; rooted in value and substance. An Mk II watch
continues to be built to serve customers that believe our watches speak volumes of
their own knowledge. independence, and self-assurance.

For the future we aspire to build a boutique brand with a global presence. With an
annual production of 1.000 pieces (smaller than most companies' limited editions) we
want to build watches based on the principle of quality over quantity. Building upon
our vintage styled collection and what we have learned over its development, we are
creating what we hope will be future classics of our own.

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